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Dear Customer,

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables' seaweeds and kelp are clean and free from radioactive isotopes! We have tested our seaweeds now for the past two years since the Fukushima accident and our lab tests have found NO Radioactive iodides.

We tested our seaweeds in June 2013 at the beginning of our harvest cycle and then again in August 2013 towards the end of our cycle. Both lab tests came back free of any contaminants.

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Thank you,
Terry d'Selkie
Seaweed Mermaid

About Ocean Harvest S.V.C.

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company was born in 1985 from one person's vision.  Today we sell a ton of dried sea vegetables a year; all harvested by hand in an ecologically sound and sustainable way.  Part of a small vibrant cottage industry located in Northern California, along the Mendocino coast, we pride ourselves on the quality of our sea vegetables.  We are happy to provide Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables to you because we regard sea vegetables as essential to good health and as one of the most important foods for modern people.

Why Eat Sea Vegetables?

   These marine plants are the vegetal ancestors of all life forms on the planet today, dating back over 3.2 billion years.  They have survived as a rich source of essential elements and trace minerals to be food for humans, the last species to develop; our interest in them is encoded in our cells.

   These essential elements and trace minerals nurture the hormone-producing endocrine system, which regulates metabolism: "all changes in energy and materials that build, repair and fuel the human body".  Sea vegetables also provide a rare source of the element iodine, fundamental to brain function and stress reduction.  The Kelp Family (including Laminaria, Kombu, Wakame and Sea Palm) regulates body weight and performs the miraculous act of isolating and leaching out lethal radioactive substances from our bodies for elimination.  Sea vegetables are certainly appropriate food for us all!

   Many people prefer to eat native sea vegetables.  We are happy to present the West coast varieties, which may well represent a cross between the heavier, more medicinal flavors of Japanese sea vegetables and the lighter, thinner varieties of those of the Eastern seaboard.  One thing we'd like our customers to become aware of is just how nutrient-rich sea vegetables are-- a veritable medicine chest of proteins, complex carbohydrates and all forty four trace minerals and elements (which act as magnets in the blood to bind other nutrients), vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, and the most up to date research suggests, vitamin B12.  Sea vegetables are especially high in iron, calcium and iodine, the only vegetal source of this brain food, and several varieties are remarkably rich sources of fluoride, surpassing the RDA.  Many folks are beginning to realize the superior value of sea plants: a daily snack of roasted wild Nori and a bowl of miso soup with Wakame, for example, can go a long way towards fulfilling many nutrient requirements.


Harvesting Techniques

   Here in Northern California we harvest eight varieties of sea vegetables - Mendocino Coast Kombu, Sweet Kombu, Ocean Ribbons, Sea Palm, Silky Sea Palm, Mendocino Coast Wakame, Mendocino Coast Wild Nori and Mendocino Coast Fucus or Bladderwrack.  The cool pristine temperate waters and rich tidal upwelling of the Northwest coast support an abundant number of species and luxuriant growth.

   Our Pacific Ocean is a majestic "office" and we are honored to work there.  On harvest days we rise before dawn, dress warmly and make our way down to the rocky outcroppings along the coast.  There, the rhythm of the tides is our time clock; hours amongst the bejeweled tidal pools are carefully meted out by Neptune.



   We are careful in our harvest techniques lest we imbalance this precious environment and cut the algae so as to leave the reproductive function of the plants intact.  Working on the ocean awakens an umbilical connection - sea lions bob up in the surf, while cormorants, gulls and pelicans fish the rough and crystal clear Pacific.  It is always lovely when the sun rises, particularly when the full moon is setting as well; soon after we head inland to sun dry the algae.  Everything but the Nori (too sandy) is left unrinsed to let the salt-water minerals act as a natural preservative.

   Each frond is laid out to be turned every hour until dry.  This completed, we hurry home to sleep before the next day of harvest begins.  We hope this story enriches your sense of the nature of these plants and our work with them.


What is food?

   Food is that which nurtures us, body and soul; which makes us more alive.  Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables grow in a very special environment.  The marine garden along the Pacific N.W. coast is a source of life for a myriad of sea creatures.  Whales, sea otters, seals, pelicans, osprey and cormorants frolic about the pristine waters; fishermen and divers harvest albacore, salmon, sea urchin and abalone for local and world food supplies.  Millions of tourists frequent the exquisite coast of Mendocino seeking the balance of nature that is so visibly harmonious here.

   Sea Vegetables are the first food of the plant kingdom and the foundation of our food chain.  When the primal waters became saline, it was the ingestion of sea vegetables that led to the development of the first invertebrates.  Today this same branch of the food kingdom lends calcium and iron and nutrient-binding trace minerals and elements to our bloodstream.  They also perform other miraculous favors such as the removal of heavy metals from our bodies and the regulation of cholesterol.

   At Ocean Harvest our chief concern is getting these nutrient- rich plants to you along the shortest route with the fewest compromises.  We routinely pack the prana of the sun into our products in a one day drying process.  We don't rinse the trace elements off, and we box our product in air-tight bags away from light and moisture to prevent oxidation and nutrient loss.

   For the last 20 years we've been rising at 4:30 am. Before moonset on the new and full moon cycles of spring and summer to gather sea vegetables off the rockstacks in the wilds of the Pacific intertidal zone.  Our harvest sites are among the cleanest anywhere; we are proud to select our sea vegetables from waters that rate in the top 5% of the world's richest and most pristine marine environments!  The continental shelf drops off to a depth of several hundred feet just a mile or two offshore here, resulting in a tidal upwelling that carries rich marine detritus onshore. Compare that to the Atlantic coast where the shelf is 200 miles offshore!  We at Ocean Harvest meet the inflexible hours of the sun, moon and tide schedules, often working sixteen hour days to bring this quality product to your table.  We consider it an honor to serve you and to work in such a beautiful "office."

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